Washington DC– New York –Trenton – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh – Boston- Active EMF EMR RFspecial attention for attorneys, medical doctors and real estate agent state licensing for on-site emf electrical services testing is mandatory for buying or selling emf electrical services require lawful state licensing: spectral’s emf medical experts are clinically integrated for providing on-site advanced emf testing service in nyc tri-state area for business schools homes offices and industry spectral’s  scientific standing is the legal emf testing standard-ask


Anyone employing amateurs will be at a tremendous loss especially for their clinical-medical needs and are denying themselves of critically needed diagnostic attention. we routinely in our emf clinical medical diagnostic studies provide life-changing/saving findings beyond the capability of any emf consultant meter readers or some kind of irrelevant engineers. we as advanced medical scientists in human health emf risk assessment for you is about our highly integrated electro-technical clinical medical practice. for us, at spectral subclinical, it is about patients and professional clients providing technical analysis and surveys with our required mandatory state licensed advanced court certified expert investigative studies and reports. in our many decades and up until now we have kept a low profile. but now : it is our professional and civic duty to report the recently clandestine registered in Delaware the non licensed and unaccredited the overnight elexana llc as a massive scheme under a local cover located at 139 west 74th street , apartment 4a is nothing more than a deceptively promoted and being heavily financed, and fronted and represented by california and canadian emf fear mill certificate producers and promoters for money making having created the elaborate elexana website-promoting emf fear and terror selling all kinds of mostly useless products.  call and ask us for more information. elexana knows spectral from having copied and imitated our entire professional model of this old site-just compare. unknown to you the innocent consumer the level of incompetence of elexana can not be recognized for their malfeasance and non faience and thereby clearly posing a high risk and danger to you the public. yes elexana have your attorneys call us now!. a dangerous fruad like you must cease. we at spectral as court recognized electronic and health risk exposure experts are routinely called by business, medical doctors, patients and clients for our services including building facilities management, electronic engineers and industry professionals for emf exposure diagnostic concerns. do not waste your time with such clever amateurs waving meters about that show certificates from delusional unaccredited overnight internet california and canadian emf fear mill certificate producers that also attempt to model themselves after our academic scientific medical technical site. obtain a fully accredited state licensed consumer electrical services expert that are also recognized medical experts from here at spectral.


Performing your own testing, getting lay meter readers and non-licensed consultants that are in all cases of no practical value besides being unqualified legally and technically for far too many reasons to be listed here. EMF testing is our electrical clinical medically based practice in epidemiology for which our “EMF Expert” has been a highly integrated electronic technical and medical scientist for over 35 years, We are not marketers promoting common popular EMF misconceptions and fear on social media. Our EMF risk services are not about us but about you as a client, patient and as your expert for you as a plaintiff. It is about the most advanced EMF technical and medical integrated science when it comes to you and your family’s safety.  We will not solicit you to give us reviews or references to promote our long-established EMF health,clinical medical and safety practices. Spectral EMF has been providing EMF EMR RF electrical services recognized and certified by the courts as experts and have been dedicated clinical epidemiological exposure risk scientists conducting EMF / EMR and other related studies for decades for clinical research medical, technical and forensic civil, and criminal legal purposes and we have never asked for references. Published academically and with medical case studies published in oncology, immunology and toxicology for over 20 years, we have not and nor will we publish your or any company’s name regarding our investigations or EMF studies in blogs, social media or for Goggle references and neither should you if you have lured into doing or already done so we suggest you remove it for your own privacy protection.


Our EMF EMR RF spectrum analysis is conducted by state licensed experts on site with reports that are for your needs for buying, selling,  and directly as medical scientists for your any health condition experienced that is of concern. We have redirected the diagnosis for many including some stage 4 cancers that were able to recover due to our findings. We understand the cancers and the role of EMF having seen countless related cases. Note: We will explain the many misconceptions that are repeated by EMF fear sites as we have seen the manifestations of EMF related exposure and the associated health disorders and let you know in simple terms or highly scientific terms if you need to fear or not. Non licensed meter readers often contact Spectral pretending to be consumers for our free consultation as recognizing our medical and technical expertise for EMF risk exposure. Mandatory state issued licenses are required to perform public/ consumer electrical services to assure consumer safety and services competency. Anyone performing such work services must be reported for fraudulent license representations to their department of consumer affairs for prosecution. We have had countless cases where incompetent and fraudulent reports were provided.


Corporate manager terminated: 2018 case a large international distribution center manager hired a highly rated social media promoted self appointed EMF meter reader consultant recommended by an employee from social media. The non licensed unaccredited meter reader that was hired made numerous claims of danger in their office frightening employees writing a paper with many recommendations. The company executive president was informed by human resources, reviewed the report and upon himself questioning the authority of the “report certification” immediately recognized the lack of qualifications by a EMF internet certificate mill by the self appointed meter reader that possessed no mandatory state issued consumer electrical services license, or any no medical authority for making the frightening claims then contacted the experts from Spectral Analytical Sciences to review the report. Upon Spectral’s review it was agreed the qualifications were in fact without any certifiable technical, medical or recognizable state or legal authority. Spectral was then requested to perform a EMF spectrum risk analysis and found the offices were of no risk at any level citing many misconceptions copied from the Internet by the clearly unqualifed EMF meter reading consultant, their nonsensical use use, highly   flawed and confused conclusions leaving consumers more worried. Spectral was then asked to survey the entire facility and then in fact did identify an area of high risk potential that was not even considered by the lay EMF consultant that was readily resolved by the on-site Spectral electronic technical engineer. Unfortunately the manager at this company of 18 years that hired the unlicensed self-appointed consultant was terminated for lack of due diligence for not retaining highly qualified fully licensed expert services.


The self-appointed zero-qualified overnight EMF consultants including some associating themselves with other irrelevant electrical workers, musicians, and “medicine men” with their many misconceptions and delusional ideas recited from the Internet terrorize consumers in an attempt to sell other products and services such as needless rewiring electrical services, supplements, wellness training, scheduled vitamins, filter devices, EMF cloths and other offerings. Always ask when did your start? How long have you been doing this work? What official state issued licenses do you have? Show me you license! What have you been doing the last 20 years? Are you a certified court expert? If they are evasive, diversionary double speak deceptive or answer “no” to anyone of these requirements or they start singing or dancing hang up and it is suggested you call our expert at Spectral. 


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ln 2003 after many years of medical research on the effects of exposure to risk level of the electromagnetic  fields American and EU scientists of Spectral subClinical™ Research Group pioneered the advanced electrical electronic services, clinical and medical protocols integrating technologies and methodologies in development of the sC -V electraEMF™ protocol of investigations for the study of EMF related exposure in association and development with leading electronic EMF technical and medical researchers from the US UK EU & IL that have over 40 years of highly advanced integrated medical, clinical, EMF electronic technical, and global communications experience in IT, government, defense, industrial and private sectors. This includes applied human molecular biology, relating to numerous pathologies including oncogenesis initiated when exposed to elements of the EMF spectrum. In addition to our technical and medical standing for industry fully implementing and clinically exceeding the highly problematic standards relating to our well understood EMF of HIPPA, AIHA, OSHA, CDC, NIH, IEEE and other health and safety organizations as recognized by medical scientists. We will provide applied practical information and guidance from hundreds of our own scientific case studies and reports involving our clients and patients for any EMF technical and clinical health exposure concerns. Our EMF medical and technical reports are certified for plaintiffs or defendants for civil and criminal cases. Spectral is the legal EMF risk assessment standard.



EXPERIENCED STATE LICENSED EXPERTS ON-SITE ARE MANDATORY FOR EMF ELECTRICAL SERVICES: Failing to do so makes agents liable, puts their clients both buyer and sellers in serious contractual jeopardy, consumers, schools,companies and professionals at danger and clearly fails due diligence protection requirements under tort law. Consult legal counsel, they will tell you the same. EMF risk assessments are highly complex and not for amateur overnight meter readers. We are advanced court recognized experts for EMF clinical exposure risk and as EMF RF technology licensed engineers from RCA, Bell Labs, Lucent, AT&A, BAE and IBM for tri-state area for over 30 years with medical integrations. Unlicensed engineers or self appointed EMF consultants must not be permitted into your home, offices or facilities for such consumer electrical services. It is alarming that such people are buying meters and wandering about in areas that have very high potential for injury or instant death. This is especially true for some persons calling themselves “EMF consultants” selling EMF electrical services charging licensed fees, falsely claiming legal licensing and that have no lawful authority to do so that are posing the same risks to themselves and consumers. Non-licensed EMF consultants offer 5G EMF certification Mills certificates and offer frightening reports based upon misunderstanding. Their lack of experience also results the improper use use of instruments, errors, and many beliefs and misconceptions passed about on Internet. Our review of their web offering identify recited ideas that are readily and immediately evident to be in error when so scientifically reviewed and explained by Spectral’s advanced highly integrated EMF technical and medical experts. Unfortunately consumers do not they are being misled by cleverly written and deceptive self posted referrals, social media associates,bogus blogs, and numerous referrals from unknown victims of EMF testing sales deception and massive elaborate and clever web marketing.



In the event, legal recourse is necessary or the only option when EMF risk levels are present, attorneys at bar will disregard any non-licensed, lay amateur overnight self-appointed EMF consultants proffering fear mill certificate such as ELEXANA submitted paper as such has been witnessed in some of Spectral’s cases for in cases for both defendants and plaintiffs. Fraudulent representations will result in prosecution of such individuals. Spectral’s authoritative investigations, studies and reports have full legal standing for all our cases.


EMF-EMR- RF 2-3-4-5 G presence assessment is a technical and medical science and must may only be performed on-site by experienced state licensed and certifed experts and for health purposes experts with high medical standing with a full understanding of the all clinical exposure risks involved and NOT for a meter reader proxies. The unfortunately common and popular “smog” and “ghost busting detector” meters including touted “expensive meters made in Germany” used as a website banner of some sites are of little to no value and the same is true any meters in the hands of the lay with resulting false positives, false negatives with incomplete and improper sampling associated misconceptions commonly promoted and shown on the Internet. Taking a few EMF fear mill classes taught by other amateur EMF persons and reading and reciting the many websites means nothing as a matter of science, technology or law.


Electronic meters very complex instruments that are used are not designed to be used by unlicensed amateurs including inexperienced engineers as they are improperly used and incapable of alerting true risk levels or immediate danger in the hands of amateurs. Amateur consultants claim to have professional instruments, it is not the instrument that makes the amateur a professional. Symptoms of EMF EMR exposure injuries are not evident for hours or with unusual symptoms developing days later and are nearly impossible to diagnose with related disease, disorders or deaths being held unaccountable as diagnostics are unavailable other than possible organ/tissue biopsy/histology. Spectral advanced EMF EMR RF scientists have extensive EMF related exposure medical experience, and understand when a single short EMF exposure may initiate a cancer or be the cause of immediate death.


DO NOT FRIGHTEN YOURSELF WITH SELF TESTING: Scientific electronic meters as instruments are very sophisticated and any attempted reading and reporting in the hands of the inexperienced non medical experts are meaningless. Much of what is stated about meter usage by non licensed “ghost buster” EMF meter wavingconsultants is in complete error. Needless to say the resulting reports will be dismissed. “It must be understood that a scalpel in the hands of the lay, is nothing but a butter knife, but in t he hands of a surgeon it is a professional instrument” (Prof JMD).

MISINFORMATION ABOUT EMFOne of the most popular self published papers promoting remediation device sales that are offered by non licensed EMF consultants recite and relied upon (a sham peer reviewed paper) regarding EMF related exposure is materially flawed and to be disregarded. Unfortunately for you, the trusting consumer, there is no way for you to know this. This sham paper, that is self published, above all not even by electronic engineers but by unqualifed EMF consultants, mechanics and their associates was written to sell their devices, gadgets and cloths and other products that are of no meaningful value. In fact, some of these items actually increase risks and at the same time overlooking true dangers that may exist. Spectral scientists are also review – editors of major high impact scientific medical journals and have in our reviews of numerous postdoctoral submitted EMF manuscripts for publication often see the similar errors and misconceptions that we redirect and correct for further research study for as EMF medical research publication.

It would be humorous, if were not so serious that unlicensed EMF meter reader electronic service consultants that do not even begin to understand the highly specialized technical medical applications for such critically important investigative studies relating to the EMF spectrum. Unlicensed electronic services consultant’s reports have in all cases, when reviewed by Spectral’s electronic-medical experts have been dismissed as incompetent at every level being without any authority for any technical, medical, legal or for any other high order purpose.


SPECIAL NOTE EMF TESTING FOR BUYERS: Buyers must only use their own state licensed expert for purchase. Knowledgeable Attorneys will explain to you that anything less is not to be accepted. Sellers receiving any such unlicensed reports from buyers may disregard them for lacking any authority for meaningful or lawful purpose.

EMF TESTING FOR SELLER’S NOTE: Attorneys will explain that sellers may disregard any buyer’s EMF electronic services report that is by unlicensed unauthorized EMF electronic services consultant as such is without any legal authority or standing. Sellers must and should have their own licensed expert in advance of showing their property when possible.

EMF TESTING INFORMATION FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Guide your seller clients to speak to our experts. Non licensed consultants have no lawful authority for any material purpose and must be permitted to perform any related activity. Report any such to local and state licensing or consumer fraud agencies.

EMF TESTING INFORMATION FOR MEDICAL DOCTORS: As highly integrated experts, doctors and clinicians as clients and patients fully recognize our practices. If you are a medical doctor call us for free information, guidance and special considerations for yourself or your patients for related EMF or other concerns.

ATTORNEYS: EMF TESTING LICENSING IS MANDATORY: We are court certified and bona fide EMF electronic service experts having testified for plaintiffs and defendants client power and communications companies. If you are an attorney representing a client call us for information and special guidance for your practice or clients needs at no fee. Non expert unlicensed EMF electrical service reports includes even those with electronic degrees that are without license for any client will be dismissed without such state licensing.


If there is a health concern, (often whole body, limb or neurological sensation upon exposure) the human biological integrations must be considered and applied to determine, if in fact, related risks are present exist. Lay reports routinely result in false positives, false negatives, with incomplete, improper, and lacking EMF related spectral analytics. Such reports are without any of the required in situ real-time applied technical/clinical/medical exposure risk integrations. The leading and advanced scientists of Spectral Analytical Sciences™ are licensed and certified to employ the sC-Ve™ protocol of investigations for EMF related exposure.


We are also experienced for forensic criminal investigations. We have conducted criminal forensic cases where that have involved clients and patients that involved actual threats of EMF, RF or intentional directed EMFexposure, harassment or attacks.


Be aware of the meters that are used are not designed to alert you of pending or immediate danger in such exposure areas. Under no circumstances should you spend much time in any suspect risk area. The exposure effect is instantaneous (within 50 milliseconds) and the resulting effects lasting for days and there is a real risk for death. You must not enter potentially high EMF/RF areas if you have any of the over 200 types of cancers, any heart condition or medical implant devices. This is especially true near electrical distribution stations, HV towers, power transformers, electrical control panels, cell phone/RF towers on roofs and penthouses.


Short of immediate electrical shock, symptoms of HV EMF EMR exposure injuries may not not evident for hours or with discomforting symptoms gradually developing over days later and are nearly impossible to diagnose with related disease or deaths being held unaccountable as diagnostics are unavailable other than possible organ/tissue biopsy/histology as well as symptomatic medical commorbidties such as gastrointestinal distress, recurrent infections, allergic response, heart failure, epilepsy, autonomic disarticulations and sleep disruption and other symptoms.

INSPECT EMF PRESENCE BEFORE SIGNINGLicensing is issued by state and local government regulatory agencies assure safe electrical installation and services. We are licensed for all our serviced areas. Our license numbers are on all reports.IONIZING RADIATIONKnowledgeable and educated buyers are now having the presence of HV, EMF and EMR and other suspect fields (ionizing Radon/Uranium and non-ionizing (infra–ultrasonic) investigated. Unfortunately there are undeveloped lots, homes and complete developments quietly being sold unknown to builders, buyers or sellers  in fields as much as 100 times than normal. Many are abandoning their homes and quietly selling in areas where power sources are visually present. It is highly suggested, that buyers survey the neighborhood especially in areas routinely blocked by fences, bushes and trees. Ask questions – It is your responsibility since NO ONE VOLUNTEERS SUCH INFORMATION, because there is NO REQUIRMENT TO DO SO. Call us now to schedule an investigation, and exposure risk assessment present.If there is a potential presence of EMF/EMR or RF exposure risk it is highly advisable to have such areas quietly and confidentially investigated by our fully LICENSED EMF ELECTRONICS SERVICES SPECIALISTS (court certified) and clinically integrated MEDICAL EXPERT before your general home inspection if possible.OBSERVE LOCAL TREES AND VEGETATION



IMPORTANT SELLER/BUYER/HOME OWNER INFORMATIONQuestions often asked: “I have a home near a suspect EMF/EMR presence. What should I do?”. Understand that “HV LF RF EMF and EMR are completely different, and must be so understood. Exposure risks can only be performed ON-SITE and investigated by licensed, experienced, qualified experts and fully knowledgeable. WE KNOW, BUT UNKNOWN TO YOU AND NEARLY EVERYONE MOST INTERNET INFORMATION IS DISTORTED AND WRONGFUL! The use of EMF RF HV court certified licensed services experts on-site is mandatory. EMF/EMR and related phenomena relating to exposure risk is not within the realm of electricians, power or electronic engineers or commonly overnight self appointed EMF consultants. The level of clinical environmental scientific integration and the matrix of knowledge and experience is the only means of having all the questions answered in calculating risk levels. Our expertise is unmatched. Talk to us and you will know – we have designed, built, installed (hundreds of systems) configured, tuned, worked with and studied every form RF/EMF/EMR devices, RF systems and power supplies and distribution systems since 1972.CONFIDENTIALITYOnly permit your home/office, workplace or properly with utmost confidentially investigated for such presence by our qualified specialists. We can and will provide you with a written report with all the information you need to understand, manage, mitigate eliminate any areas of interest concern or risk. Our reports are only written for you and not for any public record. Our special order forensic reports may be used for legal and court purposes. With each confidential investigation and report we will give you guidance based upon over 40 years of experience of high value including practical, legal and health risk aspects of such exposure and presence. Our reports and expert testimony have been certified by the courts.INFORMATION LINK FOR IN DEPTH CONSULTATIONSOBTAIN A COMPETENT STUDY AND ANALYSISWe routinely rehabilitate properties that have been inspected by a buyer’s “EMF consultant” that are fully unqualified to perform surveys and investigations relating to the presence of the EMF EMR RF MW, other. Common home inspectors, have no business surveying for such as none are legally qualified for such nor have any legal authority to perform any risk assessment. If you are a home owner/seller and have had your home stigmatized or defamed obtain one of our initial phone consultations and we will provide you guidance relating to your survey to determine the validity of unqualified surveys and if you will benefit from a fully licensed rebuttal investigation, study and report.
Common ghost buster EMF consultant inspectors claiming to perform EMF testing are incapable of performing any health exposure testing because they do not know the relevant questions and not aware of required integrations that must be considered that give rise to questions that must be asked and answered. Their standards of reference are never correctly applied except in the most narrowest set of technical circumstances – as would be expected as in all cases their offerings are void of any clinical relevancy – we know.


The new millennium educated and knowledgeable buyers that are now aware of the possible risks of exposure when there is a question relating to exposure in an anticipated rental or purchase must have a survey performed before any offer. Do not allow yourself to be rushed into signing-it is still a buyers market. We routinely have inquires the majority of such clients being interestingly medical doctors and most often surgeons, pediatricians and oncologists. Should we believe that this is telling us all something? Of course it does. Our surveys are very sophisticated, complex, highly integrated and differentiated at numerous levels. BUYERS LINKRISK MITIGATION ASSESSMENT AND PLANNINGWe also digest the highly complex answers to exposure and possibilities for mitigation planning. This also includes some of the more relevant legal issues where applicable and clinical exposure considerations as part of any possible action plan. Caution: Improper mitigation (based upon lack of understanding the complexities of CAUSATION), that is attempts to minimize the presence can unknowingly increase the exposure risk and danger or have such mitigation be of no effect. Know this: Most attempts at self mitigation by yourself is very expensive and with nominal efficacy and will give a false sense of security when a true risk exists. A full competent assessment must be performed before and after.IMPORTANT HEALTH EFFECTS FROM HIGH LEVELS OF EMF/EMR/RFAS OUTLINED BY PROF JMDEPIGENETIC NEUROLOGICAL MUTATIONSWe often receive calls from areas where there are clusters of  children reported with Leukemia, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and  Down Syndrome– sadly, we have seen such cases. The scientific literature reviewed commonly associates these disorders with EMF/EMR/RF exposure. We survey such areas and provide clinical exposure risk reports for current occupants near such fields, for potential buyers and for those that have technical concerns for exposure to their cardiac implant devices and for other possible clinical exposure risk concerns, infra.SLEEP DISORDERElectromagnetic related diseases (EMRD) have numerous manifestations. From the neurological (sleep disorder) to physical (the cancers).DEPRESSIONYou may experience the loss of joy or depression in an area where you suspect electromagnetic radiation such as at home or at work? You may be experiencing EMD due to high levels of an electro-magnetic presence. See: Depression from or due to Electromagnetic DysthymiaEMF EMR RELATED RISKS RELATNG TO PREGNANCYClients that are pregnant or expect to be often call asking about the real effects of EMF EMR presence due to much confusion in current reporting on the internet. We agree that there are many conflicting reports (mis/disinformation off point) but we also fully understand when there are clear risks present.EMF EMR EFFECTS DNAFor you, the scientist, may wish to consider the Nobel Prize Laureate (2008) Luc Montagnier report on the role ofEMF on DNA .UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE EMF RISKSWhat you don’t know may hurt you. Determine if safe levels and distances exist between you and powerful electronic fields both from outdoor and indoor sources by our experienced and licensed HV EMF EMR expert to identify, locate hidden and potentially dangerous sources of electromagnetic radioactive fields. Our professionally licensed,

EMF EMR technologists (RCA Institute) and scientists are fully experienced in this highly specialized area and will provide a report of measured findings. We will provide you with EMF safety and legal guidance (law degreed) and with our shared experience you will be able to make informed decisions for you and your family’s health and safety.

CAUTION LINK: DO NOT ATTEMPT YOUR OWN TESTINGWe are told from time to time by some our consultees (including electrical engineers) that they routinely stand about antenna arrays, tower and transformers and they have not developed any disease! It is completely foolish to do so. Painless and severe injury, blindness may occur within SECONDS OR MINUETS under some circumstances with such injury resulting in death over time. Injury from exposure and illness may not be experienced or noted for hours or days the later being dose dependent (ask us-our medical specialists will tell you how). Certain exposures and resulting disease may not manifest for years. Do not go near or touch any HV TOWER, TRANSFORMERS, SUBSTATIONS, WIRING, ANTENNAS or on any ROOF that may have such. Even if you are 50 feet or more away from some antennas you may be injured or worse if you come between local and remote wireless transfer units. We have identified fields from 20 to 40 times the common range and up to 10 times the industry recognized RF warning / danger level. The fact is very little of this information is published and when it is published one must clear the fog of the technical language, understand the applied quanta electro-mechanics and the highly differentiated health risk potential and effects. Our medical scientists and EMF EMR RF specialists are medical schooled, certified, licensed, experienced and fully understand every aspect of the HV EMF/ EMR/RF phenomena and their related health affects.