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from our  CERTIFIED  LICENSED SPECIALSTS having over 40 years of experience in RF and POWER TECHNOLOGIES

This is the new millennium and the “experts” of the previous century have a fixed paradigm that is void of any relevant medical integrations. The applied theoretical exposure formula differs considerably from the practical exposure formula for numerous reasons, paramount among them being and starting with the interaction of those exposed to the surrounding fields and their environment, structures, systems, devices, dosage, etc,  and then for some the health condtions that must be considered. The fact is that there has been more than a doubling of HV AC power presence and use in the last 50 years. With scarcity of prime land locations homes were built underneath HV lines of 500,000 volts and more in complete ignorance of risks (contractors as uninsured corporations have dissolved). What can be said of level of exposure to the sea of RF signal and energy about us daily? It must be said here now first and foremost! The effects are  biological (at molecular, cellular and tissue levels), neurological and of highest order in pregnancy fetal to neonatal and child development (download)

Do not allow small children to carry or use cell phones, laptops, pads and or any handheld RF emitting or communication device especially in the most tender years. We have seen children directly and immediately experiencing the neurological effects of such exposure including the effect caused by dental braces.. High EMF and EMR forces enter the bone marrow (leukemia studies) where new cells are being produced. See other studies.

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Many self appointed unlicensed (and limited scope licensed) and uncertified experts have contacted us that in spite of all they read on the Internet they do not have their answer not realizing in nearly all cases they fail to recognize the questions that must be asked and answered to understand the exposure risks especially in highly specific pattern of facts in health related cases. The EMF EMR RF spectrum and all of its many manifestations must be known and understood in situ. Like medical cases, no two cases are alike. We consider clinical risk factors at many levels and specific human host factors that may be present understanding such.

EMF EMR RF exposure risk testing in NJ NY PA CT DE







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Experiencing loss of joy, depression or unable to sleep in an area where you suspect electromagnetic radiation such as at home or at work? You may be experiencing Electromagnetic Dysthymia or related neurological disorders. Contact our medically trained and experienced EMF RF specialists.

See: Depression from or due to Electromagnetic Dysthymia

What you don’t know may hurt you. Determine if Safe Distances exist between you and powerful electronic fields both from outdoor and indoor sources by our certified and licensed HV EMF EMR  specialists, analysts and technicians trained to identify, locate hidden and potentially dangerous sources of electromagnetic radioactive fields. Our professionally certified RF and power specialists and medical scientists are fully experienced in this area and will provide a detailed report of findings.

Please do not place your laptop or tablet on your abdomen due to RF exposure.


We often hear of people going about in areas of high risk unknown to them and they state “I’ve been there (in reported or identified areas high EMF EMR RF presence) many times and there is no problem.” Unfortunately the affect is not detectable but in time they are seeing there doctor for the onset of new health condition cause be an unknown – yes then they are told “…its genetic” or its’ “this” or “that”.

Understand that painless and severe RF injury, blindness (cataract – lens protein crystallization) and possible death (in weeks or months-exposure dependent from organ tissue injury) may occur within minutes under some circumstances. YOU WILL NOT FEEL THE INURY from exposure and illness may not be experienced or noted for hours or days the later being dose dependent (ask us-our medical experts will tell you how). Do not go near or touch any FENCES, ELECTRICAL POLES OR TOWERS, TRANSFORMERS, SUBSTATIONS, ANTENNAS or on any ROOF that may have such. Even if you are 50 feet or more away from these as you may be injured or worse. At time you may not even see the source of the EMF EMR RF presence as it may be miles from you. We have identified fields from 20 to 40 times the normal range and up to 10 times the danger level that were later confirmed and verified by third parties. The fact is very little of this information is published and when it is published one must clear the fog of the technical language, understand the applied quanta electro-mechanics and the highly differentiated health risk potential and effects. Our scientists and experts are highly educated certified, licensed, experienced and fully understand every relevant  aspect of the EMF/ EMR/RF phenomena and their related health affects.


The fact is very little is found in published reports that is directly related to any ones’ individual personal exposure experience. When one relies on a publication one must clear the fog of the technical language, recognize, overcome and realign the paradigm shifts from publication to publication, understand the applied quanta electro-mechanics and then must recognize highly differentiated health risk potential and effects of such reports relevant to their own experience. Our scientists and experts are medical schooled, are EMF/EMR/RF related formally educated, certified, licensed, experienced and fully understand every relevant aspect of the EMF/ EMR/RF phenomena and their EMRD health affects as published. We are satisfied there are no mysteries but just unanswered individual fact specific questions that require in depth study, analysis and applicable reporting. This breadth and depth of integrations is rarely so delineated by anyone reporting related findings.

If there is a potential presence of EMF/EMR or RF exposure risk it is highly advisable to have such areas quietly and confidentially investigated by clinically integrated specialists even before your general home inspection.

Although you may discuss EMF presence with general home inspectors, electricians, electrical engineers and others there area areas of HV EMF/EMR investigations that rarely understood, known or inherent undisclosed conflicts of interest and lack of experience and qualified certifications by nearly all such performers.

A concerned EMF/EMR finding will eliminate the need for the much more costly general home inspection.


We are HV EMF EMR RF specialists with applied medical integration for the detection, measurement and reporting of quanta factors within and proximate to human habitations that are of clinical interest and potentially relevant to human and animal health. We have discovered how and why many pets die of what we refer to as Electromagnetic Related Disease (EMRD). We identify risk causes, can and will sort out and answer ALL directly and immediately relevant questions for concerns without bias. The science relating to exposure is very well understood by our scientists. Unfortunately and unknown to themselves there is much misinformation by even some of the high profile organizations that the public relies upon. We know the relevant questions and answerers.


Do not  distress yourself with self-diagnosis for HV EMF/EMR. It is commonly known in medicine that humans may develop immune and other disorders from self-induced stress. Understand that EMF is completely different than EMR with one alternatively posing potentially more health risk than the other at any given location. RF  is an entirely different class of the electron quanta emission phenomena and their risk assessment involves a complex matrix of factors unrelated to EMF  and EMR. Our clients/patients are routinely medical doctors that fully understand the limits of self diagnosis and contact us for consultations. During our initial free consultation our applied highly differentiated and integrated clinical and technical interview we may recommend a licensed/certified subClinical Investigation™ that are medically based exposure risk studies that are written for medical doctor and clinicians. The subClinical Investigation™ identifies factors that are not commonly understood or recognized that may be in fact the cause of a health condition or an aggravating factor of current underlying pathology, immune disorder or other human host condition.


Understand that most of the most popular EMF RF meters are not designed to provided a definitive analysis of the EMF EMR presence. At best the meters will tell you there is “something” there that requires added professional attention.

We routinely rehabilitate properties that have been inspected and wrongfully assessed by a buyer’s inspector that were unqualified, INEXPERIENCED, UNCERTIFIED, AND UNLICENSED to perform surveys and investigations relating to the presence of the EMF EMR RF phenomena. Common electricians surveying for s EMF/EMR are not schooled, certified or licensed for such and have no ability to perform any risk assessment. If you are a home owner/seller and have had your home stigmatized or defamed obtain one of our initial phone consultations and we will provide you guidance relating to your survey to determine the validity of suspect surveys and if you will benefit from rebuttal investigations, study and report.


We had a northern New Jersey elementary school (2009) that refused to open because a committee that was formed by parents wrongfully concluded the school property was a danger for children from HV EMF/EMR. Upon our investigation and report the school opened due to no scientifically reasonable or credible risk being present. We have experience with RF and ELECTRONIC POWER systems since 1972. With our medical specialist’s integration with your personal exposure history as part of the consultations for your understanding for any concerns. We understand the multiple phenomena associated with the radiance of any presence of the entire non-ionizing electro-magnetic spectrum.;

We also have free for the asking limited ionizing radiation real time assessments for select cases. This must be requested and ordered in advance. Ask for aviablility in your area.

With our advanced knowledge we fully recognize human host factors including related medical/clinical integrations to understand the related exposure factors that may pose an immediate risk.

Proper investigations require nothing less than a qualified and experienced expert and guidance.

I want to know more about these forms of non-ionizing radiation, forces and fields . See here:


The new millennium educated and knowledgeable buyers that are now aware of the possible risks of exposure when there is a question relating to exposure in an anticipated rental or purchase must have a survey performed before any offer. We routinely have inquires the majority of such clients being interestingly medical doctors and most often pediatricians and oncologists. Should we not believe that this is tell us all something? Our surveys are very sophisticated, complex, highly integrated and differentiated.


NOTE: Often a residential property is undervalued (for no valid reason) due to the proximity to EMF sources and faulty study. For such properties our investigations are to be sought. Many homes and buildings have been purchased for fraction of their true worth due to erroneous testing and conclusions. Do not allow your home to be stigmatized or wrongfully devalued. Obtain our fully qualified study. See OWNER page for more information.


We also digest the highly complex answers to exposure and possibilities for mitigation planning. This also includes some of the more relevant legal issues where applicable and clinical exposure considerations as part of any possible action plan. Caution: Improper mitigation, that is attempts to minimize the presence can unknowingly increase the exposure risk and danger.


EMF EMR RF exposure risk testing in NJ NY PA CT DE Health Risks from EMF and EMR Recognized Worldwide

Exposure to HV EMF/EMR and other fields is well understood (See United Nations WHO page). Our scientists will scientifically test, sample, measure and provide a competent (30+ years experience) report with findings and risk assessment. Research has repeatedly shown higher incidences of Leukemia Cancers ( PDF download) in both children and adults, blood disorders, affecting reproduction and the central nervous system, human cell division and the immune system.  

Commercial Professional Scientific Investigations and Inspections for HV EMF & EMR at WORK

We often investigate the workplace including medical, technical and manufacturing facilities for radiation and especially heat radiation from possible overloaded high voltage or overdrawn electrical wiring with infrared imaging.





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